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Quadrant Enclosure

Quadrant Enclosure

Quadrant shower enclosures are a wonderful alternative to traditional square or rectangular shaped cabins, and are ideal for bathrooms where space is at a premium or where you want a cool, modern look and a corner entry shower enclosure.

We have a fabulous selection of quadrant shower enclosures and shower enclosure kits that will make any type of bathroom look truly elegant. Each has been selected for its clean curves and exceptional workmanship and these versatile designs can complement all types of decor.

Traditionally a curved shower enclosure and tray would be placed in the corner of your room to maximise the use of your space, but we also stock D shaped enclosures that can be placed against a flat wall.

Our offset quadrant shower enclosures differ slightly from a regular curved corner shower enclosure as one side is extended giving you even more room to enjoy your shower.

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