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Traditional Radiators

Traditional Radiators

A traditional radiator is named due to the material of its construction – that being a quality yet rather heavy cast iron build. Whilst nowhere near as fun to carry into your home as a designer aluminium radiator might be, the performance benefits are tangible.

Traditional radiators are also named due to their traditional column design, in which hot water is pumped through any number of vertical pipes that constitute the traditional radiator body.

The result is that a traditional radiator holds heat exceptionally well so your loved ones can bask in the residual warmth of such a home heating unit long after the central heating has switched off. Good for the bills, the chills and the kids!

The reason that we call them traditional radiators is that this style emerged and gained immense popularity in the late Edwardian and early Victorian times.

However, whilst traditional column radiators of today may look like something our great-grandparents used, they come fitted with all of the latest home heating fittings, technologies and safety standards. Combined with modern insulation, the designer traditional radiator is a formidable beast churning out remarkable BTU figures.

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