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900mm Shower Panels

900mm Shower Panels

Cutting labour times and costs, UPVC is suitable for new build or refurbishment projects and does not require specialist fitting. With over 30 laminate finishes, this UPVC core panelling can be used in commercial environments such as changing rooms, hospitals, hotels and holiday parks, as well as domestic bathrooms, shower enclosures and kitchens.

UPVC is the versatile and practical alternative to tiles, fronting no grout and no mess. With much quicker installation, the 2400x1000mm (standard size) panels are sealed at the corners and ends with aluminum profiles. Joints are seamlessly connected with our unique toung and groove system to ensure a flush finish.

Transforming the way we design interiors forever,

900mm Shower Panels

A shower wall is basically a tough, hardwearing and waterproof wall covering designed to be fitted inside shower cubicles or wet areas. Often sold in kit form, they are a waterproof panelling system which is an alternative to more traditional tiles. They come in a wide variety of colours and finishes from marble effect to plain matte grey and there are even models which come with added sparkles; if you happen to like a bit of glitz in the morning

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