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Burlington Avon Thermostatic Two Outlet Shower Valve AF3S.


£700.00 £420.00

Burlington Avon Thermostatic Two Outlet Shower Valve AF3S.

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Product Description

Burlington Avon Thermostatic Two Outlet Shower Valve AF3S.

with Swivel Shower Arm, Handset, Holder with Hose.

(excluding shower head and rigid riser)

This shower is traditionally styled with a chrome plated finish.


  • Thermostatic exposed two outlet valve
  • swivel shower arm
  • shower handset and holder with hose
  • Chrome Plated
  • Brass Constructed Body
  • AirBurst Shower Head
  • 11mm Large Bore Shower Hose
  • Anti Limescale
  • Supplied with Claremont valve handles
  • 10 Year Burlington Guarantee
  • Avon

Product Information:

All shower hoses are 11mm bore vs. the standard 8mm bore (the ‘bore’ is the hollow part inside the shower hose tube).

This allows for an increased water flow (a minimum of 33% more water) – especially important in low water pressure environments.

All our shower valves have non-return valves built in.

A non-return valve is a type of valve that allows the water to flow in one direction but closes automatically to prevent flow in the opposite direction (backflow).

Preventing this backflow is important because it can diminish process heating efficiency, prevents possible siphonage of contaminated water back into the potable water supply and prevent water hammer (the noise of water in your pipes).

Protecting your shower cartridge and thermostat from the reverse flow of water (meaning a longer life for your shower valve).


10 year guaranteeWe will replace at our discretion, in part or whole, a product which is defective in operation, materials or workmanship. (If the exact product is no longer available, we will endeavour to provide the nearest equivalent). To be covered by the guarantee, all products should be installed in accordance with the instructions provided. Products must be purchased from an official authorised seller and installed in the country of original purchase. Please visit for full details.

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